Multitasking In The Bathroom . . . Yuck!

January 21st, 2011 by Paul Castain Leave a reply »

Warning: There is zero educational value in today’s blog. It is simply a rant and an opportunity for you to have a quick laugh and say “Eew” several times.

What’s up with the increasing amounts of people who feel that the world will stop if they don’t take a call while at the urinal? I can’t help but think about how the 6th grade version of me would have handled that.

He would have quickly become a victim of the old “Push and Flush”!

These cell phone wielding, bathroom wreckers have allowed their thoughtlessness to transcend beyond the urinal and into the stalls of America! They are in essence doing their business while doing their business.

I’m going to make a confession right here and now that I excessive flush whenever I see someone doing this to alert the person on the other end.

And how about the person on the other end?

How does one recover from getting called out for making a call from the toilet?

“No I’m not in the bathroom . . . I got Howard Stern on the radio”

My all time favorite . . .

I’ve seen lots of people leaving the stall with their laptops. To that, I am speechless but will simply file that under “EEEEEWWWWW!” or on another day I might be tempted to ask “Those TPS reports got ya feeling saucy there Lumbergh?”

Lesson 1: Don’t borrow cell phones or laptops. And if you do borrow them, use protection otherwise you will have been with every toilet they have been with.

Lesson 2: For millions of years mankind (womankind too) has existed peacefully in the knowledge that we can relieve ourselves without having to make (or take) a phone call.

Seriously: Statistics say we are working approximately 30% more than the generation before us. We have allowed our work to come home with us after hours, on the weekends etc.

Let’s get real and realize that this may be a sign of a society that needs to slow down a bit!

If not, I am truly grateful for the material! :)

Have a great day, go sell something and push and flush every SOB you see on a cell phone at the urinal. Tell them Uncle Paul sent you!

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